How long are the lessons

 Half an hour

How much


This is paid at the beginning or end of each lesson.  If you do not attend, there is no cost.  If your tutor is unable to make it, there is no cost.  It is a pay-as-you-go system.  No show, then no cost.  There are no pre-paid lessons, make up lessons or anything like that.

There are no lessons during school holidays.

What times are available

Due to his daytime commitments, evening lessons are available which commence at 5:30pm.  Please contact Danny to find out what time slots are available.  When weeknights do not suit the student, Saturday mornings are available.

If neither evenings or Saturday mornings are suitable, contact us - we may be able to arrange an after-school time.  An alternative is to have us visit you (see below - 'Do you come to my house').

No lessons are done during school holidays.

Do you come to my house

All lessons are conducted at Danny's studio on the Central Coast, near Erina.

If you just can't make it to the studio, Danny can come to your house, but that is $50 per half hour.


How fast can I start playing

If you can't play a basic rock beat in the first 2 or 3 lessons, you're not practising enough!

What do you cover in your lessons

I go right to basics - correct stick holding technique, correct drum striking technique, hand position, posture.

If you already have that down, then we go onto reading drum music.

If you can already read, we get stuck into difficult beats, rhythms and fills.


Do I need my own drums



The studio is equipped with two drum kits.  For your own practise a drum kit is an advantage (obviously) but not 100% necessary.  You can practise on old phone books, rubber practise pads, mattresses, blocks of wood etc.



What's the difference between a $500 kit and a $2,000 kit

Cheap kits are great to start on but as the drummer improves the kit will show it's limitations.  They are generally harder to tune, have a dull tone and can even be not true cylinders - ever so slightly out of round.  The shells are made out of cheap woods and/or plywood and the metal hoops and lugs are cheaper and softer metals.


What age can someone start to learn


If your child is a prodigy then 4 or 5 years old.  Most children should be at least be 10.  This is because the child needs to have the concentration to last a half hour lesson.  They need to have the self-enthusiasm to want to practise at home.  It is easier if they can reach the pedals.  They need to have the listening skills and the understanding to realise that some of the "boring" exercises are critical to their playing success.

If your young prodigy can't last a half hour, we can trim it to 20 minutes ($30).

If you're an adult, then the above requisites should be a given.  Go for it!



Do you take classes?

 Most lessons are one-on-one.  

Multiple students are welcome (max 2 per class) so if you want to learn with a friend, that's cool.  Instead of $35 per half hour, it is only $30 per student.

Where are you

The studio is located at Green Point.